Priyanka Tiwari

….Shashicliks rock…. Amazing service, great responsiveness, too much professionalism… Great flexibility…. All comes At one ‘VALUE’… The photographer (Shac) captured EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of our special day and was super creative and innovative ! He took SO MANY PICTURES and I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!!! Even I was so confused 😕 whom to choose for my album.. Thank you so much to Shashicliks Photographers for making my day memorable!!!

About the Author:
True saying by someone "Hum rahe ya na rahe yaad aayenge woh Pal". To capture all such precious moments of your life, I decided to turn my career to my passion of photography. "First smile of a newly born baby, the joy of being parent, very first day of your kid when he starts walking towards you with the trust that you will never let him fall, seeing your angel sleeping, remembrance of your first crush, dosto ke saath rangbhari holi, pahle pyaar ke sath haatho mei haath daale kata hua pahle safar, the sorrow of separation, the brightest smile on a bride face, a romantic honeymoon, happiness of seeing your wife carrying a life inside her, remembrance of your silver jubilee anniversary, sitting together and having tea in your sixties" I am the one who captures all these and show the beauty of each individual..

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